About Us 關於我們

Lancai Development (HK) Company was founded in 1999, is a professional company manufacture screen & digital printing products. include advertise display products, signs products, automotive decorative decal, safety system products, commercial graphic & gift sticker etc. Our products are exported to worldwide
We have over 150 excellent employees, production area over 13,000 sq.m. Modernized equipments and excellent employees made be a perfect capacity of design , manufacturing, selling and service.
We have mature and scientific management, offer to product quality, we have established a perfect quality assurance system and a quality management organization together with a team of highly skilled employees. Our company was granted to the ISO9001-2000 Quality Management System.
Our mission is satisfy customer with superior quality, value and service.

藍彩發展(香港)公司​​成立於1999年, 是一家專業生產絲網和噴畫產品. 本公司產品出口到世界各地,包括廣告產品,標識產品,汽車裝飾貼花,安全系統產品,商業圖案產品和禮品貼紙等等。
本公司有超過150名​​精英員工, 生產面積超過13,000平方米。現代化設備和優秀的員工,組成完美的設計,製造,銷售和服務能力。
本公司有成熟和現代化的管理,提供優質產品, 完善的質量保證和管理系統連同精英員工隊伍。已被授予ISO9001-2000質量管理體系認證。